It has been an honor to work shoulder to shoulder with physicians to help hard working people at a critical time in their lives. PALCO provides a unique opportunity to help patients get timely, highest quality medical care in a way no other program currently exists to fill that void.”

Dr. Christopher Hager

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PALCO?

PALCO is a network that provides healthcare to low-income individuals who do not have insurance, nor do they qualify for public assistance. PALCO patients see physicians for $10. CO-PAY (both primary care doctors and specialists) and get all other healthcare services they need at no cost (hospital inpatient and outpatient services, lab work, x-rays, rehabilitation,  etc.).

How does PALCO work?

Simply put, PALCO is based on physicians volunteering their time to see patients for free, and other community partners, such as hospitals, donating the other medical services the patients need.

Do doctors already sometimes provide free care? 

Most all physicians have treated patients who were not able to pay, either in their offices, in community clinics or in the emergency room. Hospitals also provide charity care. This care is often fragmented and the patients served usually lack full access to medications, diagnostic services and physician specialists.

In the PALCO network , this already existing (but fragmented) charity healthcare is organized into an equitable, cost-effective system. By donating care as part of an organized, integrated system, the care physicians and hospitals give in the PALCO network results in better health outcomes for patients and lower overall, long-term costs to the providers and the community.

Who is eligible for PALCO?

  1. Patients that have gross household income of less than 200% of the federal poverty level ($44,700/family of 4). If a patient is eligible for Medicaid or Medicare he/she is required to accept it.

  2. Patient must live in Lancaster County

  3. Patient cannot have access to any type of health insurance.

How does PALCO differ from Medicaid or Medicare?

PALCO relies on a network of medical providers, hospitals and pharmacies that donate their time and service to provide access to healthcare.

Medicaid and Medicare are federally funded programs. Medicare is for people 65 or older and people with disabilities. Part A provides free inpatient hospitalization, skilled nursing care, and hospice care. Part B of Medicare is optional and helps cover physicians’ services and outpatient hospital care. It costs about $60 per month. 

Medicaid is a program that covers low-income pregnant women, infants and the disabled. Sixty percent of the money is federally funded; 35% comes from the state and 5% is county-funded. The financial eligibility is 185% of federal poverty level for pregnant women and infants under 1 year of age. Contrary to popular belief, the majority of low-income individuals are not eligible for Medicaid.

How do patients become enrolled in Project Access?

Patient must complete an application, which can be obtained by calling 717.392.1595 

Or download a pdf application here.    PALCO Enrollment Form English.pdf -   

PALCO Spanish Application with Proofs.pdf

You are responsible for paying all fees associated with PALCO:  $20 application fee, $10 re enrollment , $10 co pay every time you see a doctor or specialist. No co pay for tests. The federally qualified clinics in Lancaster (SouthEast Lancaster Health Services and Welsh Mountain Dental and Medical Clinic) will continue charging their sliding scale fee.

Is there a limit as to how long a patient can be enrolled in PALCO?

Patient can be enrolled in Project Access for a maximum of 3 years.  Patients are rescreened for eligibility on an annual basis. 

Is there a limit to the number and kind of services a patient can receive through PALCO?

Typically, physician and hospital services are not limited.  PALCO cannot promise that all of your medical care will be donated; you will have to pay for some services, like emergency room doctor visits, eyeglasses, medications, dental or ambulance services, and durable medical equipment (oxygen, crutches, etc).

For more information contact:


Lisa Riffanacht

480 New Holland Ave., Ste 8202

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Project Access Lancaster County

PALCO is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization.

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